Pedal Harpist - Ashley Collins   Harpist for the Atlanta Area and Beyond!

Ashley Collins brings passion and blissful peace to the minds and hearts of all who have the pleasure to hear her play her harp. Studying across the country for the past eleven years, she has dedicated her heart to music and the joy that she can bring to her listeners. Last year she spent 6  months touring throughout India performing famous Bollywood numbers for a wide variety of Indian weddings, anniversary parties and corporate events! With guest lists of up to 8,000, Ashley thrived on the opportunity to introduce and share the beauty and elegance of the harp!

India is just one of many places that Ashley has been able to experience because of her harp. In 2011, she spent four months studying the celtic harp and its history in Cork, Ireland where she was able to take lessons from the famous harpist and composer Lisa Canney who is a member of Celtic Crossroads, a musical ensemble that toured throughout Ireland and the United States. She has also played her harp on mission trips to El Salvador and Guatemala!

Ashley’s vibrant and soulful performances combine many different genres of music including Classical, Pop, Folk and Christian. Ashley also dabbles in a special kind of music called improvisation in which music is freely composed in the moment with no musical notation or constrictions.

Ashley began her studies as a teenager and quickly began to show her dedication to learning the instrument. She traveled over 30 hours to Nashville, TN. once a month to take lessons from the esteemed Carol McClure. Through these interludes, Ashley was able to interact with other harpists of all skill levels. She became aware of the commitment it would take to become a wonderful harpist. She rose to that challenge and acquired a substantial scholarship from the highly regarded and famous DePauw School of Music where she spent five years earning two degrees, a B.M. in Harp Performance and a B.A. in Theatre Performance. 

Successfully pursuing a highly competitive Five-Year Double Degree program through DePauw University, Ashley graduated with a degree in Music Performance with Harp and a degree in Theatre Performance. The time that she has devoted to engage in both of her degrees is monumental. She was one of four who graduated with a double degree. 

  "I love the harp because of it's beauty and the calming effect it's  music can have on it's listeners. I want to share the love of music I have with others and give them some of the joy that God has blessed me with." Ashley Collins

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