Pedal Harpist - Ashley Collins   Harpist for the Atlanta Area and Beyond!
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Ashley lives and performs in the South Atlanta area but is available for travel as well! She loves adventures and would enjoy nothing more than to be a part of your next event!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you paying for when you have a harpist come to perform?

First and foremost, you are paying me to play a harp, one of the oldest and most beautiful instruments in the world. You’re also paying for the hours of practice and rehearsal that is required to learn this difficult instrument. The maintenance of the harp and equipment needed to perform, i.e. strings, tuning equipment, sound system , regulations of the harp, music scores, insurance on the harp and copious amounts of band aids for when those fingers get sore, etc. costs well over $2000 a year. You’re paying for a knowledgeable and experienced performer with over 10 years of performances and a Bachelors of Harp Performance under her belt. You’re paying for a professional who will do everything in her power to make your event absolutely amazing. The smiles and great personality, I throw in for free.
How much does my harp cost?
Glad you asked. A lot. A painful amount. Which is why I’m so incredibly protective of my “baby”. I play a Venus Diplomat Grand Concert harp, which, with all my equipment (dolly, sound system, bench, music stand, etc.) costs around $22,000. I also have several lever harps that are more transportable.

How long have you been playing?
I started playing harp the week of my 13 birthday and it has been an instrumental part of my life ever since. (HAH! Instrumental??? Get it?) And not to give away my age or anything, but I've been playing for 12 years.
How do you lug that thing around?
I have a special harp dolly that I strap the harp to and move it around flat surfaces. Going up and down stairs and inclines is a little trickier, but I always ask for help if I deem it too dangerous to attempt on my own. To get my harp to the performance venues, I have a station wagon that fits the harp and all my equipment beautifully. She is named after Blanche Deveroux on the Golden Girls because she’s my sweet southern belle!  
So, you just play classical stuff, right?
Well, no. I’ve found over the years that people love to hear what they know. Even though I love to introduce gorgeous classical pieces to my audiences, I strive to have a balanced program of classical and popular pieces that people will recognize and can sing along to. I love to surprise my audiences with songs they never thought could be played on the harp. One example is when I played Lynard Skynard’s Sweet Home Alabama at my degree recital. I also have Christian hymns and folksongs in my repertoire. And because I toured performing Bollywood music in India, I also know how to play popular hits from Bollywood! 

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