Pedal Harpist - Ashley Collins   Harpist for the Atlanta Area and Beyond!


As an avid performer and concert attendee, I personally know the effect that music can have upon a mind, either young or old. A breathless anticipation of hushed tones and excitement that boils over when the lights brighten upon the stage to reveal a myriad of performers and a cacophony of sounds upon the elevated stage. This excitement and fervor that invades the quick and interactive mind is what drove me to music and its splendor. 

The importance of creativity, involvement and commitment are the cornerstones of my philosophy of Musical Education. As a young child, I was quickly enamored with music and all it had to offer, not only as a safe space to express my individuality and creativity but as a venue to make exciting new friendships and to grow as a performer. And as I've grown older, I've 

realized that what I originally valued music 
for has developed into deeper and more effectual life skills. The life lessons of working hard, staying on track, and being consistent are all important to success in life and are all taught through the experiences of working with music.

In order to excel at anything, there must be a level of commitment to whatever the project is, and music gives an individual the opportunity to achieve high-levels of commitment through learning notes, rehearsal, and performing in front of peers.  Throughout all the aspects of music, whether working with a group of other musicians, memorizing on your own, or developing a piece melodically, commitment is necessary for excellence. My philosophy for Musical Education is to help build and nurture excellence through all the lessons that music can provide such as creativity, involvement and commitment. 

Educating and encouraging minds to grow and to become excited about the thrill that music provides is one of the many reasons I would like to teach the amazing instrument like the harp. Through the creative processes and consistency of playing an instrument, I want to help grow and educate my students about the importance of music. Without music in our everyday lives, life would be dull and dismal; however with the beauty of music in the fabric of our existence, life is a vibrant and exciting adventure. This is what I want to impress upon my students as a philosophy of life. 

Lessons are available for half hour or hour long sessions. Please contact Ashley for more information and to join her studio!

A Minstrel's Adieu To His Native Land
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